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At Kintsugi Counselling, our approach to psychotherapy emphasizes acceptance, transformation, and resilience. We invite you to view your experiences and personal growth as a beautiful and valuable process, where the mending of emotional wounds can lead to a stronger sense of belonging and a more fulfilling


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About Online Virtual Counselling

Since safety, agency, and autonomy are the key ingredients to overcoming trauma and crisis and resolving grief, Kintsugi Counselling has embraced virtual counselling as an ideal platform to support our clients. Not only does virtual support allow clients to participate from a safe location of their choice, it also makes support more accessible to clients anywhere in Ontario. We can meet over the telephone or on a fully secured video session. 

However, if face-to-face is more your style, we love to meet our clients in person too. We are conveniently located behind London Health Sciences Centre Victoria Hospital at 130 Thompson Road, London Ontario.

Get Started

If you are struggling with a recent loss or traumatic circumstance, or if you were relinquished by your biological parents and raised by strangers, if you are experiencing symptoms of anxiety, depression, or ADD/ADHD, or if you are just feeling a little (or a lot) stuck, we understand your struggle and are ready to support you.

Adult Adoptees

If you are an adult adoptee seeking support for issues related to your adoption or are embarking on a search for or reunion with biological family members, we have an adoptee-specific resource just for you: click here for more information.

Counselling and psychotherapy for adult adoptees.
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