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Online grief crisis trauma counselling Ontario

About Kintsugi Counselling

We are a counselling centre based in London Ontario and we offer psychotherapy support both in-person and virtuallly.

Here at Kintsugi Counselling, we celebrate the beauty of imperfection, and our Kintsugi-inspired therapy promotes self-acceptance and self-worth. Childood trauma, abuse, and neglect leave scars that the child learns to view with shame and self-hatred. These normal and common responses to abnormal situations in childhood often lead to anxiety, depression, and hypervigilance in adulthood making it difficult to create and maintain meaningful relationships.


At Kintsugi we honour your scars; we recognize that the adversity you have overcome is what makes you beautiful and strong. By embracing and honouring your scars we support you to develop a more compassionate and loving relationship with yourself and others. You will learn to connect with your inner sources of strength and discover your authentic self as we travel together on your unique journey towards healing.


Our Kintsugi approach to psychotherapy emphasizes acceptance, transformation, and resilience. We invite our clients to view their experiences and personal growth as a beautiful and valuable process, where the mending of emotional wounds can lead to a stronger sense of self and a more fulfilling life.

Online grief crisis trauma counselling Ontario
Online grief crisis trauma counselling Ontario

What does Kintsugi Mean?

Kintsugi is an ancient Japanese art form that is used to repair broken ceramics using gold. Kintsugi reinvents a broken piece by highlighting rather than attempting to hide the breaks. Kintsugi understands that as our wounds heal, we become stronger and more beautiful. 

At Kintsugi Counselling we provide a safe, supportive environment for you to resolve grief and trauma, and rediscover your true, authentic, beautiful self. Using compassionate evidence-based techniques, the Kintsugi philosophy can support you to build a vibrant future while honouring all you have overcome. 

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